How to choose playing cards?


To play poker, you definitely need a specialized deck of cards designed specifically for this game. As for the material, such cards are 100% plastic or plastic-coated paper. The main difference is durability and, accordingly, price. Plastic-coated cards will not last as long as fully plastic cards. And if expensive American casinos can use up to five decks of cards on one table in an evening, then for ordinary players this is quite an expensive pleasure.

Playing card indices

There are 4 basic sizes of suit and value index. It:

  • Standard. The familiar size of indices in a regular deck of cards.
  • Jumbo. The index is larger than the standard one, it is used in poker cards.
  • Magnum. Specialty decks most often chosen by visually impaired players. The size of the index is huge.
  • Peek index. Small index, angled. Often used to play poker when there are many players at the table. In order not to shine all the cards, you can only bend the corner and see which card it is.

Playing card backs

If you are playing at home, you are used to seeing classic shirts, printed by all manufacturers for widespread use. However, every self-respecting gambling club or casino orders the production of cards personally for themselves. In this case, a recognizable logo or name of the institution is applied to the shirt.

How to choose plastic playing cards?

If you are purchasing a plastic deck, be sure to open it and feel the surface. Feel the otakupoker cards, they shouldn’t be absolutely smooth, you should feel a little roughness. Otherwise, this indicates fake cards or low quality material. In this case, even a high price does not mean quality.

How to use the cards correctly?

Wherever you play, in a casino or at home, the table should always be covered with a cloth. This prevents the card from contacting the hard surface of the table, protecting it from abrasion of the pattern. Thus, the cards will serve you much longer and do not require frequent replacement.